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School Sports Day Pack

Remember the fun of the school sports day? 

Up to 4 players can relive their past sporting achievements or coach kids in the 'techniques'

of the egg and spoon race.

4 x Hula Hoops (approx 90cm diameter)

4 x (Wooden) Egg & Spoons

4 x Bean Bags (12 x 9 cms)

4 x Sacks (110 x 60 cms)

1 x Tug of war rope (10 m)

How to play

You can make up multiple races or challenges however if you are stuck for ideas, drop us an email and we will be happy to suggest some that are suitable for your event.

Did you know ?

The earliest recorded usage in the Oxford English Dictionary is in an article of 8 September 1894 featured in The Daily News: "the gentlemen had a turn in the egg-and-spoon race, in which the competitors had to punt with one hand and balance an egg on a spoon with the other".

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