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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to look at this bit of our web site. 

The short version is this is a family business that's been going since 2013. We initially started off supplying mini golf courses however after years of being asked 'Do you supply any other games?' we decided to take the plunge and build our own 'traditional' games that are suitable for weddings, corporate events, fairs and private parties.

All of our games have been built or customised so they are  'one-off's '  and we recognise that whilst the quality of the the games is important so is the service and the price that accompanies them.

Who we are

Our games

Our promise

As a family, we (and don't mind admitting it) love playing mini golf !!!. So much so we decided to build our own course which  lead to hires for private events and eventually multiple requests to supply additional 'traditional' games. Currently, 'thepopupgamescompany' is part of the 'popupminigolf' partnership.

We decided early on to provide traditional and quirky games that do not require any power. This enables us to provide the games literally anywhere - to 'pop up' and whilst we don't pretend to have a 'carbon neutral' footprint we are trying our hardest to move towards that by using recyclable materials where possible.

Our driving principle is we treat people how we would want and expect to be treated. This is as simple as responding quickly to enquiries through to discreet and sensitive delivery and collection of games from venues.

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