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Giant Pick Up Sticks

Promising hours of entertainment for all ages, the set features 33 blue, green, yellow, red and black sticks, each  measuring in at 90cm long with a circumference of 4.5cm.


How to play

Hold the wooden sticks vertically before releasing them to create a jumbled pile on the ground, then take it in turns to pick them up. Players score points for each stick they successfully pick up with each colour assigned a different amount of points – the person with the most points wins! 

There’s a catch, though. The only stick that’s allowed to move is the one being collected. So take a deep breath and – whatever you do – don’t disturb the rest of the pile. 

Did you know ?

The largest game of pick up sticks is 9.10 m (29 ft 10.3 in) long and 14.5 cm (5.7 in) in diameter and was played by the pupils of St. Johns Preparatory School in Harare, Zimbabwe, on 21 July 2007. Guiness Book of Records

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